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It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In Kennedy-Zafred's art, one photo can inspire not just one art quilt, but potentially, a series of work. In most cases, this work is prefaced by months of research, detailed investigation regarding the subject matter, the time period...even genealogical research about the individuals in the photos. In addition, often a lengthy process of approval for consent to use images that may still be under copyright ensues.

Finally the true work begins, the fabric dyeing process starts, with each piece of fabric often returning to the dye bath two or three times for additional patterning or color nuance.

The fabric is then cut, ironed onto freezer paper for stability, and taken to Artists Image Resource in Pittsburgh, where Kennedy-Zafred silkscreens multiple images and stacks of fabric in each printmaking session. Finally, those images find their way back to the design wall and are made into a unique, one of a kind, piece of art.

Kennedy-Zafred states that her favorite part of the process is the dyeing and printing of the fabric, as each offers the possibility for surprise and delight at every step. The majority of the time invested in each piece, however, has been done long before the individual pieces of dyed and printed fabric arrive under the foot of a sewing machine.